Worldwide Partners in Dog Supply & the Creation of Training Centres

In its sixty eight year history, Karenswood (International) Ltd has worked in furtherance of servicing the needs of many world governments. In times of peace and in times of conflict the organisation has been steadfast in its commitment to providing the highest standards of excellence thereby assisting its client to fulfil a specific objective.

Karenswood (International) Ltd welcomes a favourable and appropriate association with Government Departments in countries across the world.

Research & Development

Governments and multinational organisations considering the possibility of using dogs for a designated purpose and wishing to be informed of the manifest qualities of the dog may consult Karenswood (International) Ltd for advice.

There is much literary evidence detailing the research and development projects undertaken by Karenswood (International) Ltd in former years  -  projects which have been the bedrock for much of what is today common practice in dog work:

  • Fidelity Tracking - 1954
  • Narcotics Search Dogs - 1961
  • Explosives Search Dogs - 1961
  • Odour Printing (Genetic Scent Discrimination) - 1962
  • Fungi Detector Dogs (Listed Buildings) - 1963
  • Human Remains Recovery Dogs - 1963
  • Hydrocarbons Search Dogs (Fire Investigation) - 1964
  • Mine Detector Dogs - 1965
  • Diseased Human Tissue Detector Dogs - 1967
  • Cable Oil Leak Locator Dogs - 1982


Feasibility Trials:

  • Natural Gas Leak Locator Dogs
  • Specific Mineral Detector Dogs
  • Tobacco and Alcohol Detector Dogs
  • Dogs Trained to Detect Water Beneath the Sahara Desert

The above list is but a brief overview of research and development work conducted by Karenswood (International) Ltd  -  there is much more!