The Karenswood Special Two Piece Sleeve



Identical in style to its heavy duty counterpart (PW14), this lightweight version differs only in the substance of the leather used in its manufacture. Designed by Karenswood, this hand crafted protective guard is made using only the best material available and is anatomically contoured to the general shape of the human arm. The sleeve is lined with thick, high density felt and is slim enough to be worn under a coat, thus preventing the dog becoming "sleeve happy". The body of the guard has two exterior toggles which enable a jute cover to be affixed. The toggles replaced buckles to prevent the possibility of tooth damage, though buckles can be fitted if specifically ordered. The specification is the same as the Karenswood PW13 sleeve except that this model has a fully closed end containing an inner hand grip and ventilation hole. This offers additional protection to the hand, especially against the dog that "comes in low".

This light weight model is also available as a heavy duty version (PW14) and both models will accept the heavy duty jute Forearm Sleeve Cover (PW2).

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