The Karenswood Premier Sleeve



The PW17 was created by Karenswood (International) Ltd and it represents all that one could ask of a heavy weight protective sleeve. It is joined by a leather hinge at the elbow and the top section is extended to provide more upper arm protection. A leather gusset has been sewn into the mouth of the joint in order to give a degree of protection without losing the flexibility of the joint. The design is such that it allows better than 90% natural movement of the arm regardless of which way it is articulated. Hand crafted, the sleeve is anatomically contoured to the general shape of the human arm with an additional bridle or chrome leather patch on the forearm.

Available in very best stirrup leather (as illustrated), chrome leather or a combination of both (as available). The sleeve is lined with thick, high density felt. The illustration shows the PW17 in very best stirrup leather with a closed end containing a hand grip and ventilation hole. This offers additional protection to the hand, especially against the dog that "comes in low". This model can also be supplied with an open end. Both models will accept the heavy duty jute Forearm Sleeve Cover (PW2).


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