The Supply of Green, Part & Fully Trained Dogs

Throughout its sixty eight year history, Karenswood (International) Ltd has been at the forefront of the development of the dog for reasons as diverse as sport or for military purposes. The results of investigations into natural and social sciences applicable to dog work forms the bedrock of all Karenswood (International) Ltd training exercises. Moreover, the research and development projects undertaken by Karenswood for Government and multi-national organisations exclaim its international recognition as the world’s leading authority in matters relating to specialist trained dogs.

Using its unparalleled experience, Karenswood (International) Ltd addresses every aspect of dog work and supplies green, part or fully trained dogs tailored to the individual requirement of each client.

Technology Must Concede to the Well Trained Dog

In a world where public disorder and international terrorism are growing threats, the properly trained dog is a truly formidable asset.

The use of specialist trained dogs by Police, Customs and Security forces is a well established faculty in the Western World and beyond. In addition to the training and deployment of dogs for public disorder / crowd control, combat tracking or defence of the handler, the use of the dog as an instrument of search is a proven, well established practice.

A Government has a constitutional duty to protect the population of its nation. It is therefore imperative that Ministers understand the need to control illegal immigration, the use of illegal weapons and narcotic substances. There is also the matter of dealing with public dissent resulting in street violence. Law Enforcement Agencies face an ever present task in their bid to control would be law breaking factions and in this regard the trained dog is a valuable asset.

In addition to the supply of green, part or fully trained dogs, Karenswood (International) Ltd has the unequalled experience, the capacity and the capability to advise or assist National Governments, Chief Constables, Chief Fire Officers and Local Government in addressing the issues concerning the training and operational deployment of dogs selected to be trained for specific disciplines.

Karenswood train dogs to board and search off shore vessels for narcotics, explosives and other illicit goods and materials.

Furthermore, Karenswood (International) Ltd is proud to offer a wide variety of specialist services to national and multinational organisations and in the academic field, Karenswood can provide both basic and advanced education programmes to Colleges, Universities, Government Departments and Local Councils.