Karenswood Hand Crafted Dog Training Products & Accessories

With practical dog handling experience at the heart of every item designed and produced in our workshops, the Karenswood range of leather dog handling equipment will appeal to, and satisfy those who search for true quality in a hand made item.

One of the joys of owning a Karenswood item is the knowledge that every stage in its production is carried out in time honored tradition. Only the finest Hides are used for our leather range which is manufactured from Bridle Leather or Buffalo hide. Careful selection and quality control throughout the process ensures that each piece is equal in quality to the next. There is no 'mass production' of our hand made items.

As an alternative to the natural hides, we also produce a range using the finest quality man made ropes and webbings. The same care and attention is paid to the manufacture of these products and clients can be assured that the fabrics have been carefully selected and are proven and fit for purpose.