Hydrocarbons Search Dog (Buried High Voltage Electricity Cables)

It was in 1964 that Karenswood (International) Ltd trained the world’s first dog for the detection of hydrocarbons used in illegal fire settings.

In 1982, in recognition of the seriousness of the problem of oil leaks from buried high voltage electricity cables, The Electricity Council of Great Britain funded a research programme to develop an accurate, rapid and reliable leak locator method. Following consultation with the British Ministry of Defence, the London Metropolitan Police and the private sector, The Electricity Council awarded the contract to Karenswood (International) Ltd.

The Company successfully demonstrated the ability of the dog to detect minute quantities of the vapour from the cable dielectric and to separate the odour from that of other hydrocarbons that might be present in city streets.  Hydrocarbons Detector Dogs are successful in locating leaks regardless of ground types, paved or unpaved area and in all weather conditions, including rain and snow.