General Purpose Police Dog

For many years “manwork” had no definitive title. Criminal work, Guard Dog training, Protection Dog training, Bite Dog training and so on. All these styles were used variously to describe what is today universally referred to as “Manwork”. Karenswood (International) Ltd justifiably claims some of the credit for regulating the reference titles of so many exercises.



The role of the General Purpose Police Dog, as its title suggests, is multi-faceted. Attack work, agility work, building / area search and tracking all feature in the training for this discipline. The broad spectrum of this dog’s training make it a useful addition to any dog unit where public order duties are required.






It was Karenswood (International) Ltd that brought its considerable influence to bear on the original draft document which was the forerunner to the Guard Dog Act 1967. Credit is also due to Karenswood for standardising accepted training practices. This applies particularly to police and military establishments at home and around the world.