Dogs for the Detection of Diseased Human Tissue

It was in the 1960’s that Karenswood (International) Ltd first offered the possibility of dogs being used for the detection of diseased human tissue.

The idea received a warm welcome from some, whilst at the same time causing raised eyebrows in others.

There is a great deal more to say regarding the perceived need and the practicalities of training dogs for the detection of diseased human tissue. One of the many problems that is widespread concerns ‘method’.  Methods used by some end users have not produced reliable results -  it is a significant point and there remains a lack of evidence of infallibility.

Karenswood (International) Ltd believe that if it is to become an accepted standard medical practice it must be validated. It is suggested that the involvement of an authenticated medical body, perhaps the British National Health Service (NHS), working in conjunction with Karenswood (International) Ltd, on a research and development project would either confirm or negate the significance of the dog as a diagnostic medium.