Competition Tracking - Working Trials

Working Trials is a competitive sport essentially revolving around General Purpose Police Dog work. The format of the trials has changed very little since the 1960s, with the competing dog and handler being required to demonstrate their capabilities in a variety of exercises.

Given the unparalleled capability of Karenswood (International) Ltd in all of the Working Trials disciplines, we are pleased to offer tuition for Working Trials competitors and their dogs.

Tracking & Search Work

The aim of tracking is to occasion the dog to follow a human trail that has been deliberately, or involuntarily, laid along a specific route. The dog and handler must then unerringly follow this trail, or “line”, to its conclusion.

In addition to the fidelity of its track, the dog will also be required to recover a number of articles within a marked area.

Patrol Dog

In order to successfully compete in the Patrol Dog stakes, the dog is required to perform the following exercises:

  • The Chase & Attack Sequence;
  • Recall from the Chase & Attack;
  • Search for a Missing Person(s);
  • Test Of Courage;
  • Search, Escort & Prevention of Attack on the Handler.

Obedience Control

In addition to the dog’s steady response to the gunshot, there are a number of obedience exercises which a dog must perform in order to succeed in the Trials, including:

  • Walking at heel at different speeds and paces;
  • Remain in the down stay whilst the handler is out of sight;
  • Retrieving a dumbbell;
  • Speak and Leave on command;
  • The Send Away Exercise.


The final requirement for the dog is the test of its agility. The dog is given two opportunities to clear the following obstacles:

  • Scale a six foot wall;
  • Clear a nine foot long jump;
  • Clear a three foot hurdle.