Assessment & Audit of Dog Training Facilities

Where a true interest exists, Karenswood (International) Ltd offers a complete audit / assessment of Specialist Dog Units and their current practices in matters relating to the care, training and operational deployment of dogs for Police, Customs and Military purposes.

The purpose of the review would be to enhance the functions and operational capability of the Dog Unit as well as ensuring that the section runs cost effectively.

Conducted Entirely Free of Charge

Subject to invitation, Karenswood (International) Ltd will not only conduct the audit free of charge, entirely without obligation to either side, but it will also meet all costs associated with international travel and accommodation for its Senior Consultant when conducting the review for:

  • National Governments and Government Agencies across the world;
  • Police, Customs and Military at home in the UK and overseas;
  • Industry and commerce  -  National & Multi-National Organisations;
  • Universities;
  • The United Nations.


During initial discussions, certain topics for evaluation may be identified  -  inclusion / exclusion of these topics within the overall review / audit programme would be agreed between the parties through consultation.

Evaluations would be carried out using qualitative analysis techniques.

Upon completion of the audit, Karenswood (International) Ltd will submit a confidential written report and summary of its recommendations.

Organisations that are involved with, or are considering the training and deployment of specialist dogs may refer to Karenswood (International) Ltd. Where a contract is awarded, Karenswood (International) Ltd will create and submit all relevant training manuals.