Anti-Terrorist Commando Dog Unit

The Anti-Terrorist Commando Dog Unit (A.T.C.D.U.) provides Governments with an effective counter insurgency tactical strike force. An elite unit with a high degree of mobility and a wide diversification of roles.

The use of dogs gives the unit a unique and formidable advantage in that it can be tasked to perform exercises for which ordinary commando units are just not equipped and in circumstances where hi-technology cannot be employed.

The need for every Government to recognise the importance of A.T.C.D.U. in the fight against urban terrorism is manifestly more obvious today than ever before  -  in the fields and on the streets, in towns and cities around the world. Each day world media headlines proclaim incidents of civil disobedience, anarchy and terror. Aircraft hijacking is almost commonplace and the so called “Student Riots” are often the front for political subversion. Such theatres of insurrection are an example of the international stage upon which the A.T.C.D.U. can play a leading role.

Karenswood (International) Ltd has the proven capability to offer this type of totally integrated tactical strike force.