Advice for the Design & Build of Dog Training Facilities

Karenswood (International) Ltd has a long and distinguished expertise in the planning and development of Police, Customs and Military Dog Training Facilities around the world, having overseen the design and building of such facilities for many world Governments  -  including the world’s largest centre for the training of dogs and personnel for explosives detection.

With a proven capability to instruct and supervise Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering projects for large or small scale developments, Karenswood is both able and willing to submit outline or detailed design plans.

Essential Considerations

Organisations considering the building of a dog training facility should first ascertain the need and purpose for which the facility is required. Environmental issues are an important factor in the location and design of such amenities. For example, in the Canadian Yukon Territory temperatures may reach as low as -60C, whereas in the deserts of North Africa and the countries of the Middle East, temperatures may soar to +45C. However, +49C is not uncommon.

Canine accommodation buildings, therefore, must be designed and constructed to facilitate the management of temperature. Allied to the matter of temperature considerations is the availability of sweet water  -  however, other important issues also prevail.


When designing a dog training facility the building consultant would do well to bear in mind that external exercise runs should face the rising sun and so provide the opportunity for the dogs to receive Vitamin D resulting from exposure.

The size (floor area) of indoor kennels accommodation and external exercise runs must be sufficient to satisfy the essential nature and well being of the dogs. Also, an outdoor defecation area at a specific location is advised.

The reasons for commissioning a dog training facility will determine whether or not the building consultant should include in his plans the provision of indoor and or outdoor training facilities. Attention should also be given to the inclusion of a dog food preparation room / kitchen, a dog bath and grooming room and perhaps even a veterinary clinic.