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International Training

The second half of the 20th Century was a time of significant advancement in the training of dogs for specialist purposes. In former times, the dog was used principally for sheep and cattle herding and importantly, during the First World War, as a messenger dog. Whilst dogs also performed in other roles they were, ostensibly, roles where the dog’s natural physical prowess was deemed helpful.

Since its inception in 1953, Karenswood has been in the vanguard of the development of the dog as an instrument of search and the company can rightfully claim to have originated much of what is today common practice in dog work. Explosives Search Dogs, Narcotics Search Dogs, Hydrocarbons Search Dogs and dogs trained for human scent discrimination are but a brief example of the valuable contribution which Karenswood has made to the world of the working dog  -  examples which are so often taken for granted today. The results of investigations into natural and social sciences applicable to dog work forms the bedrock of all Karenswood (International) Ltd training exercises.

International Dog Trainers

Dog Handler Training Courses offered by Karenswood (International) Ltd embrace every conceivable aspect of dog work. Although internationally recognised as being the world’s leading authority in matters relating to specialist trained dogs, the company also conduct training courses for working trials enthusiasts and for the domestic requirement.

In furtherance of research and development projects undertaken for governments and for multi-national organisations, project specific training courses are conducted to the tailored needs of the client. Karenswood (International) Ltd may be contracted to despatch its Principal Consultant and, or, its Senior Training Instructor/s to countries overseas, there to carry out reviews supported by reports and recommendations, or otherwise, to supervise and regulate well defined training courses. Training courses are also performed at the Karenswood (International) Ltd Training Centre in the United Kingdom.

All information associated with course costs, provisions and durations can be applied for via email.